Personal Liability

Private Life Civil Liability or “Family Insurance” protects you against any material and/or corporal damage caused to others by yourself or by a member of your family, children, spouse, pets, people living with you, etc. (in the context of your private life)

In a situation of non-insurance, you expose yourself to having to bear with your own means the financial claim of the opposing party.
This insurance is also intended for people living alone because they can of course cause damage to others and therefore see their civil liability engaged.
The considerable development of the bicycle as an alternative means of transport can represent a risk in terms of civil liability for the cyclist in the event of an accident involving third parties.
Thanks to private life civil liability, it is possible to guarantee this risk in the context of electrically assisted bicycles. In this specific case and for electric bikes exceeding the speed of 25km/h, we can offer you “Bike” coverage expressly dedicated to this type of bike as well as to your transport devices such as electric scooters.