Fire insurance for SMEs and large companies

Fire insurance insures your company against material damage due to fire, smoke, electricity or explosion. Fire cover can also extend to damage caused as a result of storms, hail, heavy snow pressure and broken glass. These are related perils.
Fire insurance provides several possibilities of policy formulas: the classic formula or the “All risks” formula.

Subscription to the “All Risks” policy also guarantees compensation for unforeseeable damage or loss, with the exception of what is formally excluded from the guarantee, such as nuclear or war risks.

It is important to plan for your operating losses via the optional cover: “operating loss” insurance which allows you to cope financially during the period of cessation of activities due to a disaster covered by your fire insurance.
Mechanical breakage at the heart of a machine, referred to as “Machine Breakdown” by insurers, can lead to loss of revenue. By subscribing to “Breakdown of machinery” insurance, your equipment and work tools are covered. You can also include in your policy the risks of fire or theft of machinery.

If you own or rent a business or establishment accessible to the public, a legal obligation obliges you to take out “Strict liability” insurance.
This insurance covers compensation for any claims from victims of fire or explosion if your premises fall within the scope of the Royal Decree of 24/12/1992.