Tailor-made Insurances for Expats, Diplomats, Embassies & Military Representations

To start your new life in Belgium serenly as an expat, you will have to deal with insurances.
Insurance seems complicated and confusing. At Triangle Partners, we made it easy for you: we provide tailor-made solutions for expats.

At Triangle Partners, your expectation matters.
See how we facilitated Ying life with our car insurance solution.

Our scope of services

“Because “Family” is an extremely important value for Triangle Partners, we are making sure to take the best care of yours. We will make sure that you and your loved ones benefit from the best services; your safety is our priority!”

Triangle Partners has more than 30 years of experience at your service. Our staff is multilingual and well aware of the specific Insurance demands of expats and diplomatic missions. Choosing the right Insurance for your particular needs is not easy. Our goal is not to sell you the most Insurance policies possible, our objective is to always provide you with the best advice possible so you can make your own decisions, in an informed way. We aim to predict the unpredictable so that when things happen you won’t have to worry.

No matter your nationality and no matter where you are in the world, we can help you. Our Insurance policies have no borders. We have, with our partners, physical offices in Europe, Africa & the Middle East and we are ready to expand to new territories if needed. Having us on your side will guarantee you to feel safe at any moment. What is more, our diplomatic department is at the disposal of the future-insured even before their arrival to Belgium.

Recently moved? Planning to do so? Already in Belgium?

Please contact us to get a free quote for: the healthcare of your family, to protect your home, to cover yout embassy building, for your car insurance and any othe insurances requests.

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The most important Insurance services for an Embassy/a Diplomat/an Expat 

At first, be aware that every car registered in Belgium must be insured for Third Party Liability by a Belgian Insurance company, even if driving with CD plates as legally required in Belgium. Second, if the embassy employs local staff (Belgian nationals or foreigners but with a Belgian work-contract), it needs to insure work accident (worker’s compensation contract) as legally required in Belgium

Other Insurance products are not necessarily mandatory but highly advised. Healthcare Insurance plans, for example. Since 2011, non-EU diplomats are not allowed to access Belgian social security coverage anymore, therefore those diplomats are suggested to subscribe themselves to a private health Insurance.
If the Embassy/the Diplomat rents any premises (apartment, villa, office) a property or home Insurance might also be required by the landlord in the renting contract.
Also, diplomatic staff often have missions abroad where accidents may happen, having a business travel medical Insurance shouldn’t be neglected too.

Embassies might also own valuable pieces of art, highly valuable furniture, jewellery or national cultural inheritance that needs to be protected during transportation as well as in case of damage or theft. Contracting a content and/or an “all risks” Insurance is what many missions choose.